5 facts that you obviously didn’t know a printed diary will help you with

In this digital world, printed diaries are taken for granted. People are opting for digital blogs because they are flexible to use. But for some people like me, change is hard, and it takes time. I am still using a printed diary because I like that personal touch (you might as well call me Oliver Cromwell).

In this blog, we are going to outline five things you can use in a diary. But first, let’s start by defining the term diary.

What is a diary?

A printed diary is a book that records daily events, transactions, and observations. It is also known as a journal or a memoir. But we are going to use the word diary because of its familiarity.

There are several types of diaries, but now our focus is on personalized memoirs such as;

  • secret diaries
  • creativity diaries
  • fitness diaries
  • gratitude diaries

These are the type of diaries that we record events of our personal lives. The good and the bad events. 

  1.  Personal development.
  2. Goal check
  3. Schedule events
  4. Reminders
  5. Privacy

Personal Development 

  • Diary keeping improves self-awareness. It is a tool that unlocks emotions, thoughts, and dreams that you are unable to open up in front of your loved ones. Knowing yourself develops the inner connection between the soul and spirit.
  •  Diary-keeping helps to handle your nerves. Everyone has fears and anxiety derived from either the environment we are in or by our past experiences. A memoir assists you to accept that you have a sense of control.
  • Diary supports in reducing procrastination. They help to improve time management. 
  • Diary improves memory. They help us retain events for a long time.
  •  A printed diary enhances mental health. It help you stay happy.

Goal checker

  • You can use your printed diary to record your monthly, weekly, and daily resolutions. And then register the achieved goals. It is a safe place to write your successes and failures.

Schedule events

  • Whether it is a job interview you have to attend or a family meeting. A diary is a place you write down upcoming contests, competitions etc.


  • A diary is also a notable reminder to alert you of events you have to attend and the deadline you have to meet. You always stay up to date.


  • A printed diary is a book. It is emotionless, never judges or gossips. You have to keep it safe from third parties. Unlike blogs that are read online by almost everyone, a diary is for your eyes only.
Final Considerations

I love to say a diary is a mirror where you can reflect on your habits, recognize your weaknesses and train yourself to overcome them.

Dear reader, do you have a diary? 

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