High quality 2023 Calendar Printing Johannesburg from R1 only

High quality 2023 calendar Printing Johannesburg from R1 only.
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2023 Calendar Printing Johannesburg

We are the suppliers of calendars with public holidays 2023 South Africa. Still, there is an increase in our clients, especially from neighboring African countries. As South African leading 2023 personalized calendars Johannesburg and branded calendars 2023, Printspot is now working on supplying their cheap high-quality 2023 calendar printing in South Africa. As a cost-effective 2023 calendar printing Johannesburg from as cheap as R1.50 per calendar. We are a top-rated 2023 calendar printing Johannesburg due to the high good quality of our calendars. We offer fast lead time, we can be trusted, we are reliable and we offer delivery across South Africa. Printspot is a calendar printing company in Johannesburg which offers cheap calendar prices focusing mainly more on putting our clients first thus making us more unique and different from all calendar printing companies in Johannesburg and the whole South Africa.

Branded multi-paged wall calendars are a much-appreciated gift handed out by retail stores, banks and other businesses. To make sure that your A1 calendar printing actually end up on the customers’ hands, you should choose appealing pictures that are directly associated with your brand. With 2023 calendar printing south Africa, you will achieve the desired promotional impact by putting a small version of your logo on each of the monthly pages in a way that won’t bother your customers. Our calendar printing prices are monthly calendars that have 13 sheets (with title page only) or 14 sheets (with title page and additional page). Before printing your 2023 A1 calendars, you have to decide whether you prefer wire-O or adhesive binding of the calendar pages. We also do A2 wall calendar printing, 2023 tent calendar printing, 2023 deskpad calendar printing, 2023 triangle calendar printing. Weprint247 is the perfect choose when it comes to 2023 calendar printing Johannesburg.

As one of the best 2023 calendar printing companies in Johannesburg, we supply more than 2000 companies with 2023 calendar printing in Johannesburg as compared to other 2023 calendar printing companies in Johannesburg and 2022 calendar printing companies in South Africa. Printspot scope the competition due to the use of big 2023 calendar printing machines and affordable 2023 calendar printing prices with the very best and high quality. Other calendar printing companies in Johannesburg tend to disappoint the clients hence Printspot as the best 2023 calendar printing company in Johannesburg answers all the worries. For all your 2023 calendar printing needs, we are looking forward to assisting you with A1 calendar printing, A2 calendar printing as well as A3 calendar printing.

2023 Wall Calendar Printing

Calendar printing is one of the best wall calendar printing companies in Johannesburg. Trust us with your 2023 wall calendars. We do have different wall calendars. Single page that are known as jumbo calendars or poster calendars. And multipage wall calendars that can be in A3 and mainly A2 size.

Calendar Printing Johannesburg

As one of the best calendar printing company in johannesburg Calendar printing is the best printing compny to printyour 2023 calendars. In Johannesburg we are in Rosebank, Johannesburg Cbd and in industrial Boysens all in Johannesburg. At Calendar printing johannesburg we have your back.

2023 Desk Calendar Printing

Calendar printing is one of the best desk calendar printing companies in Johannesburg. We do print desk planners known as deskpads calendars. Deskpads calendars normall comes with 12 pages also known as leaves. deskpads calendars are printed on bond paper with a backing board. they all come padded at the top with plastic corners. Calendar printing is the place to be for alll your 2023 desk calendar printing.

Calendar Printing Companies

There are many calendar printing companies in south africa. But Calendar printing supersides all. Calendar printingwas estabilished in 1987. So that means Calendar printing has 32 years expreince as a calendar printing company inSouth Africa. We print calendars for Mozambique, South africa, Malawi, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. With Calendar printing you will never go wrong.

2023 Tent Calendar Printing

Calendar printing is one of the best tent calendar printing companies in Johannesburg. Trust us with your 2023 tent calendars to avoid disapointments. Tent calendars are mainly comes with 12 pages and cover. the cover can stand on its own to support extra pages. And also comes with wiro binding on top. We are here to help you with your 2023 tent calendar printing.

2023 Triangle Calendar Printing

Calendar printing is one of the best triangle calendar printing companies in Johannesburg. Trust us with your 2023 triangle calendar printing as we do not disapoint. Triangle calendars are printed and die cutted for interlocking. We offer the best triangle calendars in terms of quality and price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lead time is 3 to 7 days. But some orders may be done same day while somemay take more as per your request.

Yes we do deliver. We charge an extra fee for delivery depending with the distance.

Yes we do print any type of gaments.

Yes we do at an extra fee

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is generally the preferred file format for submitting a document for printing as it works with virtually all professional printing and digital output devices. By design, a PDF file incorporates the information needed to maintain document consistency from system to system.

Uncoated stock paper is comparatively porous and inexpensive, and is typically used for such applications as newspaper print and basic black-and-white copying. Coated stock, by contrast, is made of higher quality paper having a smooth glossy finish that works well for reproducing sharp text and vivid colors. It tends to be more expensive, however.

Pantone colors refer to the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a color matching system used by the printing industry whereby printing colors are identified by a unique name or number (as opposed to just a visual reference). This helps make sure that colors turn out the same from system to system, and print run to print run.

No. White is not generally considered a printing color as typically the paper itself will be white. If a colored paper (something other than white) is chosen, then white becomes a printing color if any text or graphics require it.

Materials for labels and their application include:

Paper, Uncoated: Use where you need the label to be easily written on by hand or printed on by machine.

Paper, High Gloss: Use when you need good printability. Keep in mind that it cannot be written on easily by hand.

Vinyl: Use vinyl for outdoor environments, or if applying a label to a vinyl surface.

Some of the common methods of binding books and other multi-page documents include:

Perfect binding: Gluing the outside edges of the pages together to create a flat edge.

Saddle-stitch binding: Using staples along the folds of the pages to bind them together.


Spiral binding: Wires in a spiral form threaded through punched holes along the binding edge of the papers. Allows the document to lay open flatly.


Plastic comb binding: Similar to spiral binding but using a tubular plastic piece with teeth that fit through rectangular holes punched into the binding edge.

Three-ring binding: Holes are punched into the pages and fitted into a binder.

Case binding: Sewing the pages together and then attaching them to a hard cover.