Print Marketing. Digital Marketing. Which Is Convenient For Me?

Let me take a guess.

You are a small business owner?

Who is probably looking for the best marketing strategy? Could it be Print marketing? Or digital marketing?

In this blog, we are going to discuss the brief pros and cons of every marketing strategy. But first, let’s take a look at the definitions of both techniques.

Forget about the guesses. I am a horrible guesser.

 My ancestors know that.

What is print marketing?

Print Marketing is a form of advertising that uses print media to communicate to customers. The advertising is printed press like newspapers, brochures, magazines, and many more.

Print Marketing
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What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is any form of advertising that is online. That includes pay per click, social media, website, and many more.

Digital Marketing

Let’s compare how print media works and how online advertising works. We are going to use versus to analyze both marketing tactics.

Newspapers versus Pay Per Click 

Newspapers adverts are advertised for a short under a column where all ads are grouped. That means people who will read your advert, are those who are already interested in what you are offering (targeted audience). Newspaper ads are short, engaging, and straight to the point. They are affordable and usually charged a few cents per word.

Pay per click is a type of online exhibit where advertisers pay every time their advert is clicked. There are several types of PPC but, the most favorable is paid search ad. These are the ad that appear when people are searching for something you offer. The onliners type a keyword that highlights the services you offer. When they click your advert, then you must pay to the search engines. These ads are relevant because they appear when onliners search. They are cost-effective because you only pay when n onliner has interest to your advert.

Brochures versus Social media

Brochures are also known as pamphlets or leaflets. They are a form of print press that is printed and handed out to customers. And they contain a brief of the services or products you offer, the promotions you are running, the open vacancies, and many more. Brochures are cheap to print in a large volume. They can also be distributed through mail. They are useful because they are delivered to almost everyone in the target market and those who are not interested. Those who are not interested can easily refer them to the target market because they are tangible.

Social media is a website that enables onliners to design content and share it. This networking also allows people to participate in social networks. Advertising with social media is known as SMM is abbreviated as Social Media Market. There are several types of social media networks that include Facebook, Instagram, and many more. Creating sites on social media is free. But managing a social media site has costs. Some companies hire social media managers or get contracts from other marketing companies to manage their accounts. Social media posts are available to everyone.

Magazines versus WeBlogs

Magazines are printable book that contains content and images. And it is published for a certain period. Magazines are for a target audience, for example, magazines for men, magazines for pregnant women. Magazines expire because they are for a period. Magazines are powerful marketing tools because they have engaging adverts that can last even when an audience closes her book. Creativity is the key to advertise.

 A website is an online page where people can book products, write reviews, and many more. I also like to call it an online shop. A blog is part of a website that gives you authority over your product and services. A bog is regularly updated. That means that its content expires. Blogs target the exact audiences because they discuss a specific niche. For example, if the blog is about printing, then the topics and products are related to printing.

Print marketing versus Digital marketing

Print and digital can never match. Because of tangibility and prices. Print marketing is economical. I think print marketing is ideal for companies that have a low budget. Digital marketing is an excellent marketing method because most advertising when done self is free.

Readers are 152% more likely to pay attention to print advertising vs digital advertising (38% vs 25% for digital)

Dear reader, what is your take? Print Or Digital?

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